Realtor builds free real estate crm and offers 100% to other agents

Help the Expert Free Real Estate CRM grow and earn with our 100% Commission Thank You Program

First and foremost, the Expert Free Real Estate CRM offers a 100% commission program, which means that real estate professionals who sign up can keep every dollar they earn. This is an incredible opportunity for agents who want to maximize their income potential by sharing a new real estate crm to the industry.

In addition to The Commission Program, the Expert Free Real Estate CRM offers Premium features that can help agents better manage their business.

The transaction manager helps agents keep track of their deals, while the home management system makes it easy to follow up with clients after the closing.

The Vendor Network is also a standout feature, as it helps local business owners obtain leads. Think of it as a personalized Angie’s list that triggers the Law of Reciprocity.

But that’s not all.

The Expert Free Real Estate CRM also offers a done-for-you content marketing solution that uses AI to consult every client on where they are in their real estate journey.

This solution has divided the real estate transaction process into 67 Digests, which can help agents communicate more effectively with clients.

Overall, the Expert Free Real Estate CRM is an innovative platform that can help real estate professionals streamline their business and maximize their income.

If you’re a real estate influencer looking for a cutting-edge tool to help launch your business, this could be just what you’re looking for.

Here’s how the Commission Program Works

  • Become a Premium user of the Expert Ecosystem
  • In your profile you will find an affiliate link
  • Copy this URL and share it with others
  • When another agent or loan officer signs up with your link, we will automatically send you the first full month of the new account.

Launch is at the end of April, 2023. If you want to be notified, join the waiting list here.


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