Preparing for YouTube Success

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January 11, 2022




About the course

I am sure you would agree, YouTube is the place to go for information. This is the case with pretty much anything and everything these days, with the exception of online shopping. Amazon has certainly grabbed the attention of product consumers .

And yes customers look at homes for sale on many of the larger websites, but YouTube is the winner when people want to learn about what your city has to offer.

This free YouTube course has 15 parts that will help you:

  • Develop a strategy to extract new buyers and sellers from YouTube
  • Create a high quality, rolling YouTube Studio
  • Set up your channel
  • Record your Welcome Video
  • Plan your content
  • Develop detailed information with a teleprompter.
  • Edit with Free Davinci Software
  • and much more…

Frequently asked questions

You can use all of the information in this course and simply use your mobile phone. However, to get the most out of this free course, you should follow the steps in the last video and create a YouTube Studio. You will find Caleb’s shopping list there. He is a great teacher and his affiliate links will get you exactly what you need to get up and running with an easy to use, home studio setup.

This course has 15 videos and will take 3 hours and 39 minutes to complete from start to finish.

This is completely your decision, and with this information, you could simply record your screen and still deliver content to help buyers and sellers in your market.

With that said, you should present yourself in person, as real estate is a relationship business and the point of YouTube is to build value, and relationships, at scale. Don’t be nervous, be yourself. You’ll get good results.

As mentioned above, this course comes with a YouTube shopping list. It will have links to everything you need, along with a very easy to follow tutorial at the end to help you quickly prepare for YouTube success!

Two reasons! One, I am a firm believer in giving, and feel I have a gift to share with agents everywhere. Agent Springboard is the best way to take lots of information and organize it into meaningful and digestible content.

And two, I want you to see and experience the new referral building ecosystem that is referenced in this course.