Realtor Quickstart Guide to YouTube Success

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October 17, 2022




About the course

For real estate professionals who want to increase their average sale price, and sell more homes.

My name is Nat Wallen. I have been running my entire real estate business with just a few good YouTube videos.

Consider this video creation course as the first step to making the type of content on YouTube that will help you stand apart from other real estate professionals.

You’ll see that it’s not that hard to create higher quality content than the vast majority of other real estate agents in your market, and by doing so, you’ll increase your price point.

If you are like me, this will help you buy more camera gear. And if you are a normal person, then perhaps an extra round of golf, or a fishing trip away with your brother, or a weekend shopping spree away with friends from college.

And most importantly, this course will get customers to tell themselves that you are the only agent they should be working with.

“I really needed to understand what it’s like living there – Thanks Nat! This is such a great introduction to Charleston!”

Mike Gastin

Frequently asked questions

It is not absolutely necessary, but it’s a good idea at some point to invest. The first thing to get would be a microphone. Audio is very important. We have buying guides with links if you choose that route.

No, Loan Officers and Realtors

The Expert CRM has a video marketing and YouTube element built in. We want to help you with your skill set. We do have a paid for course if you find this one to be helpful as well, but we will never get pushy. (it’s not our style)

Yes and no. This course is primarily a warm up and will help you create a quality video without a camera. I do show you where to go deeper if you decide youwant to improve your videos, but buying cameras for this course is not required.

You just need to commit to starting. The hardest thing about video is getting going. Once you make one video you will learn so much, and the next one gets easier, and you learn more, and the next one gets easier after that. So the biggest thing you will need is to take the first step, and just start.