How to Make a Self Guided GPS Tour


Charleston Realtor

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November 6, 2022





About the course

It’s not easy being a Realtor. Lots of people ask us if we can spend our time, and we know deep down that it may not even work out.

Still, we happily spend our time hoping for the best. This is no way to live.

Here’s a simple way to help more people get to know your town on their own.

Frequently asked questions

Yes and no. The Expert CRM has one built in, but this is a simple tool you will build yourself if you like.

Not likely. You do need a computer.

This is to save time when dealing with fires that are out of town and want you to tour them around your market before they are ready to purchase.

No, but you certainly could.

Because it has helped me tremendously and I want to bring value to the real estate community.