How to Remember Names in Real Estate


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Last Updated

April 16, 2023





About the course

It’s not easy being a Realtor. We multi task our way through the day, our minds wander through our task list, and then “Crap! I forgot their name already!”

Let’s solve this problem once and for all!

Frequently asked questions

No, it’s just a tool you’ll add to your brain.

Yes! You need to pay attention in the 11 minute course. See what I did there? “Pay” attention? …my wife is rolling her eyes right now.

Because there is nothing worse than forgetting someone’s name right after they told you what it is.

You’ll get a chance to look at all that Expert has to offer, which will bring you more business, and help you have a better life in and out of work.

Because it has helped me tremendously and I want to bring value to the real estate community.