Webinar Replay: Sell More Homes, Feel More Human


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April 10, 2022


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About the course

This is a demonstration of how the Expert CRM and Referral Building Ecosystem can help you build a lifetime of real estate referrals. This was taken directly from the referral building webinar provided by the expert CRM and agent springboard websites.

Frequently asked questions

The free CRM is amazing and leaves nothing to be desired, however, our pro features are very out-of-the-box and should be considered. One good example is the Home Management System. It positions agents to generate goodwill by providing free home management software to anyone who owns a home in their market.

Yes, we build the industries only free real estate CRM. We did this because there’s so much nickel and diming in real estate, especially when getting started. We wanted to help everyone, so we decided to make not just the best real estate CRM out there. we wanted to make much of it completely free forever.

Yes, we have a fully functioning transaction manager that is one of our pro features. It’s very unique that it brings all of the closing parties together, and it actually positions agents to handoff the transaction to a new homeowner via the home management system. You’ll see it in the replay course here.

No, you do not have to be good at video. It certainly will help, because there are a variety of different things that involve YouTube with the Expert CRM. We have a course here in the agent springboard learning center called Preparing for YouTube Success. This will help you get good at video should you choose to. With that said, you do not have to use video with this system, but it is highly encouraged.

There are several, however one of my favorites is the fact that the expert CRM is a multi person experience. Consider all the other real estate CRM’s out there. They are all designed for one person, you get in and do your work, and then you’re done. Not too much fun. With expert, you can connect with your friends, invite your teammates, and even compete in contests should you choose. This is a very different system built for real estate agents by a top realtor in Charleston South Carolina.