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December 24, 2022





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Frequently asked questions

No, but it will help you decide if you want to learn how to use one. This is a big picture strategy course that will help you make quality videos so you can find more people online to help!

No, this is a bigger picture strategy course. I recommend this free course prior to shooting videos.

No, you don’t – but this course doesn’t get into that. We do have the Self Guided GPS Tour Course which will help you do that. It’s free also!

You will get a 100% free real estate CRM to help you run your entire business. But shhh!!! That part’s a secret!!! Not really, tell your friends, please!

I am building a complete referral building ecosystem and real estate community called ExpertCRM. It includes free and premium features that I feel we all needed. I want to show it to you and the slogan of my company is “Start by Giving™”, – yes, I have that trademarked, so I feel I needed to live by my words. So I am starting by giving you this free course.